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Buffalo, MO 65622

Buffalo City Government


The city of Buffalo was incorporated in 1892. Buffalo is a fourth class city with a mayor and a board of alderman form of government. The mayor and alderman serve two-year terms. There are three wards in the city with two alderman who live in each ward as representatives. Terms of office are staggered.


City Officials
Kristie Horn
Ward One
Jamie George
Wayne Rieschel

Ward Two
Tim Jasper
Brandon Kenall

Ward Three
Larry Hicks
James Ferrell

City Hall
City Hall is located at 102 N. Poplar Street and open from from 8:30-4:00 Monday through Friday. City Council meetings are held on the second Monday of each month. City officials may be reached through City Hall at 345-2701. The Public is invited to council meetings.

Buffalo Utilities include water, sewer, and trash. Bills are mailed the 1st of each month and are due by the 10th of the month. Payment may be made at the City Hall. There is a deposit of $95 plus $5 service charge for renters. The business deposits may vary. These deposits have to be paid before services are turned on at the residence or the business. The deposit is applied to the final bill with any remaining balance refunded

Electricity is provided through Empire Electric and Southwest Electric. They may be contacted at the following: Empire Electric: 1-800-206-2300 and Southwest Electric: 1-800-262-0326. Deposits are determined by usage of electricity from prior bills.

Payments may be made at the Bank of Urbana on South Highway 65 or at the O'Bannon Banking Company on Maple Street or South Highway 65.

CenturyLink provides local telephone service. They may be reached locally at 417-345-9911.
1-800-201-4099 Toll-free customer service
1-800-824-2877 Repair

City Taxes
Residents are assessed each year with real estate and personal property taxes. Information should be provided to the Dallas County Assessor's office in Buffalo in order to keep records up to date. City tax statements are mailed out November 1 and are due on or before December 31. They may be paid at City Hall.